Dr. Green Hook Tee

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The legend of Dr Green hook.

Were it all began, who really knows but I’ve heard it something like this. once was a sailor aboard a ship. he was a bit of a mystery to the rest of the crew. you see for they really could not get a read on his true origins. most believed him to be Jamaican based on the stories that he could do the jobs of 6 men at once! some would say, He could fix, clean, build just about anything and fight, shoot, cook, garden, navigate & Doctor all at once. All this while missing a hand he lost with a shore party on an uncharted island, a tarnished green hook now in its place. He was most sought after for his remedies it was said his medicine could cure all sorts of ailments and in fact it did.  Then when on shore Dr. Green hook would hike, hunt and wander the countryside spreading seeds of the plant he had learned had all these powers so that it may be free and available to all! You to can Share the spirit of Dr. Green hook with this beautiful tee shirt.Super limited quantities.